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Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of complete waterstops in China. We have many years experience in manufacturing waterstops, and we have been focusing on waterstop research & development in recent years. Our waterstop products have been exported to many countries, such as Canada, German, America, Russia, Spain and Mexico. What's more, our products have been used in many projects successfully. We have established long term cooperation relationship with many companies, and some other companies are going to become our customers.

Waterstops are mainly used in various concrete joints as barriers for liquid leakage and permeation prevention. They are resistant to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals. And they have excellent elasticity and waterproofing performance. Besides, they can work for very long time. Our waterstop products include PVC waterstop, EVA waterstop, rubber waterstop, steel-side waterstop and swelling waterstop. They are widely used for all types of concrete structure, such as basements, retaining walls, dams, bridges, tunnels, canals, culverts, storage tanks, swimming pools, waste water treatment plants and water reservoirs.

A piece of blue PVC waterstop is on the table.
PVC waterstop.
A piece of EVA waterstop is on the table.
EVA waterstop.
A piece of steel-edge waterstop is on the table with a hand under it.
Steel-edge waterstop.
A roll of swelling waterstop is on a woven bag which is on the ground.
Swelling waterstop.
A large piece of blue PVC waterstop is installed in a concrete construction.
PVC waterstops can be used for water reservoirs because of good sealing and waterproofing performance.

We have made great achievement in waterstop industry and we have won high reputation from competitors and our customers because of super high quality products and considerate service.

We pay attention to raw material selection and we have advanced equipment and large workshops to manufacture waterstop products. We also have skilled workers to control the equipment to ensure product quality. Besides, we have specialized testing rooms, and our products are tested strictly before they are delivered to our customers. We have many kinds of waterstops to choose for customers, and we can manufacture customize products according to customers' requirements if we don't have the products they need.

We have professional staff giving you explanation based on your questions. And we provide our customers with complete waterstop knowledge, such as selection, application areas, installation and matters need to attention in installation and storage.

Contact us immediately if you are interested in any of our products. You can email us at grady@zqdcrubber.com if you have any questions. Look forward to your inquiries and visit.

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We are the leading manufacturer of complete waterstop products in China. We provide you with high quality products and considerate service. Become our customers and let us serve you.

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