Waterproof Control Measures for Subway Construction

In this theory, the analysis of main technology used in subway waterproofing is showed and further discussion based on waterproofing problems and the preventive measures are recorded.

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Application of waterproof technology in highway tunnel construction

During the use of the current road tunnel project, the most direct damage to its quality is the tunnel water, water leakage which directly lead to shortened service life. Therefore, the construction units need to strengthen the use of waterproof technology, effective waterproof measures for specific engineering situations.

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Matters Need to Attention in Waterstop Storage & Installation

There are some matters need to attention in waterstop storage and installation, such as keep them in well-ventilated and dry places.

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Waterstop Selection Suggestions

There are many factors you should consider in waterstop selection, and there are some suggestions in waterstop selection.

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