Matters Need to Attention in Waterstop Storage & Installation

Matters need to attention in waterstop storage & installation

  • In waterstops transportation and storage, keep packages of waterstops unbroken and store them in places where are dry and well-ventilated. Keep waterstops away from direct sunlight, acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents.
  • Waterstops cannot be exposed to sun directly for long time and keep waterstops away from rain. Don't make waterstops contact with chemicals of strong pollution.
  • If waterstops are packaged in coils, they should be uncoiled several days before installation.
  • There are many sharp stones and steel reinforcing bars in concrete, so operators should be careful for fear that these articles damage waterstops in installation process.
  • Make waterstops adhere to concrete surfaces smoothly in waterstops location. Avoid waterstops overturn and distortion, and adjust waterstops in time if they are improper.
  • Prevent waterstops displacement to ensure the waterproof performance in waterstops fixation.
  • Vibrate concrete thoroughly in the concrete pouring process to make waterstops and concrete adhere firmly.
  • Plastic waterstops can be fixed to concrete surfaces by cementation or hot weld to guarantee firm joints.
A piece of flat ribbed rubber waterstop.
Rubber waterstops have good sealing performance by taking advantage of rubber high elasticity and compression deformation property.
A piece of swelling waterstop.
Swelling waterstops have better sealing and waterproof performance thanks to water expanding waterstop bars.

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